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I Heard Nothing! .... I Saw Nothing!

To Law-Enforcement Officers:
My name is: ________
My Address is: ______
My Date of Birth:  _____/ _____/ _ _ _ _
Formal Legal Notice Under The United States Constitution, per ACLU:
1).  I do not wish to answer any question without first speaking to an attorney.
2). I do not consent to any search, whatsoever including but not limited to a search of my home, my car, my baggage, or my person.
3).  I do not consent to being in a line-up or a show-up, or any display of any type.
4).  I do not and will not waive any of my Constitutional Rights whatsoever. 

Not all Police are Our Friends!
I Heard Nothing!      ....       I Saw Nothing!     
I Have the Right to Remain Silent.  (Miranda Rights)
I Take the Fifth!  (Plead the Fifth Amendment)

Quite often we are the victims of police interrogation.  Sometimes we incriminate ourselves and others on offenses that were not the primary police target.  Many times we are fooled by police in signing legal papers that we do not understand.  Other times we are afraid that if we do not let the police through our doors, that they will perceive us guilty and therefore as criminal.
I remember clearly when the Police came after my brother.  I remember when they asked me forcefully to let them in the house.  I said, why?  And what business do they have in my house.  So, they asked me to come out with my hands up.  And I did.  They handcuffed me.  And asked to see my I.D.  So, I said, is this because I have not paid my traffic ticket?  After they checked my I.D., they asked me, where is your brother.  I said, I do not know.  What did he do this time?  They went inside the house ... uninvited, and checked each room. 

Some time ago I had a discussion with another police officer (now retired) and I told him what had happened to me.  He said: that was an illegal procedure.  He said, first of all, you must remember that you have the right to remain silent.  There is no law that says that you must talk to a police officer.  Another rule is, when indeed you are being handcuffed and told that you are under arrest, and they start reading your Miranda Rights and ask you if you understand: you must always say "YES! I do understand."   And if they start questioning you: demand legal counsel up frontSheridan Murphy [AIM-FL.])  Remember too that any information that you give can later come back to you and incriminate you.  The simplest yes can become three to ten years in prison for you or a friend of yours. 

Another thing to remember is: if a police officer does not have a warrant, he cannot enter your home without you inviting him in. 
Do not invite a police officer into your house. 
Once he is inside he can look for pieces of evidence (such as look for weapons or any other material) that will later incriminate you or your friends.  He can also win your confidence and ask you what to you might be 'routine questions.'  And the more questions he asks, the more things he finds out about you or your friends.  Never invite a police officer or investigator into your home.  Remember this.  As a matter of fact, do not even open the door.  Talk to him behind a closed door. 

If you decide to come outside and speak with the officers, do not allow them to take your photograph.  Or, if ask to accompany them to the police station, just refuse to do so.  What they will do is put you in a room with mirrors where they can tape you while they ask you simple questions, and then release you.  Never accompany them to the Police Station.  Repeat the phrases:
 I Heard Nothing!      ....       I Saw Nothing!    ...   I Know Nothing!
If the police officer threatens you with arrest: do not back down.  He must have a reasonable cause to arrest you.  And he cannot enter your home without a warrant signed by a judge.  (of course, if you've just committed a crime and ran straight to your house, he can legally enter your home.  And there are other such cases where the police can enter your house without you inviting him in).  If the police officer does have a warrant, do not be afraid to ask him if you could see such warrant.  If you are the person which the police is looking for, you have the right to ask for such warrant and read it.    

If he does not have a warrant, it all will depend on you whether you give the information that the police is after.  Unless you understand and know your rights: do not help the police in putting your friends and relatives and even yourself in jail.  Also, do not think that you can lie your way out.  Cops have been trained to read between the lines.  You cannot lie to them.  They are not stupid. 
Always remember, then, when confronted by the F.B.I, C.I.A, D.E.A, Homeland Security, Sheriffs, or any other Police Officer: Remember these words:
I Heard Nothing!      ....       I Saw Nothing!    ...   I Know Nothing!
I Have the Right to Remain Silent.  (Miranda Rights)
I Take the Fifth!  (Plead the Fifth Amendment)

It could save you or your friends from going to jail. 

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