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Mother of the Gods!


What is the first thing that we see when our eyes open?


What are our first words that we hear?


Religious people all over the world have said that there are worlds upon worlds at this very moment; and that this is not all there is. That there are billions of things that we yet do not know or even can imagine. That all of us are half asleep and half awake. For instance, they tell us: there is no rising and there is no setting. The earth is not flat, nor is it round, nor egg-like. Not thus, not thus! That we only see what we want to see; and feel what we want to feel.


What shape is the earth to a blind man? What is the feeling of a sweet smelling flower to someone who cannot speak?


The world is so mysterious but we try to make it familiar: with language ... with words ... with symbols.


The rabbit in the moon, can you see it? Or is it an elephant? Or a crying woman? But is there something on the other side of the moon? We can only imagine: darkness, some will say. Mountains? Rivers? But even when we imagine what is out there, we use things that are familiar to us; so we argue, there must be something rather than nothing. And to prove this we sent robots to take pictures for us. But these pictures too are someone's perceptions, are someone's choices. That is, we say this is beautiful: the darkness of the moon; thus, we take pictures of the darkness. Now, we say, a close up will be nice, and so forth.


In a way we are magicians, creators, artists in our own right. We imagine things to exists and so we go out and look for them and say: see, this is it. This is how I imagined it to be. And there it is. Here is the proof that it exists. The more unrealistic the things we imagine, the more profound are the experiences, expressions, symbolism, and the language. And some will say: the Art. But what is art?


Art depends on many assumptions that have to do with human history and its past. Also, art is always defined in religious terms. Art, then, is that which was made some time ago. Which also had some religious, symbolic, emotional, historical significance.


For instance, when we see a beautiful landscape, we understand that we are experiencing it in the Now; but when we see this same beautiful landscape in a painting, the now is taken away from us and instead what we experience is that which we or someone experienced at some time ago. This is one of the main reasons religious icons are not considered works of art--unless, they become anthropological pieces.

Here is an example, when we see Coatlicue, explanations and questions arise: where was she found, what it represents, and so forth. But we are deprived of its sacredness; this is because the minority ruling-class have tried to erase her history and re-create a new one. A new history which justifies the Iberian-Mestizo invasion of Mexico.


When we go to a museum and see a picture of Christ, this is not the same as when we go to a Cathedral and see this same picture.


In a museum we go there as witness, in a cathedral we go there as witnesses, but also as participants. But even here there is a difference: when we go to a Roman Catholic Cathedral, for example, meaning will change depending upon our background: that is, do we go there as Catholics, Muslims, or Jews?


The world exists and we exist in the world. Yet, each of us perceive the world differently.  At the same time we agree on many things that each one of us sees as individuals.  And it is this agreement which some have called Reality.


Hence, in the real world there are stones, and moons and stars, and things that we can touch and feel and hear. There is point A and there is point Z. There is person A viewing point Y, etc.


Some, however, do not believe this and say: what if we videotaped point Z,X,C,V,B,N,and M and view them all at the same time (including the videotaping of our own self?) Still, we will say, person A is viewing all of these other events (including his own video-taping) at the same time. That is to say, the perspective is still of this same person video-taping. In other words, it is quite impossible for any person to view everything that is out there ... in the world . . . . At the same time. This is what some have said God is. He or She is every where at the same time.  But how to paint God?


Coatlicue is a unique image that meant something different for the people who made her. The  image, however, has acquired a different meaning for us.


For instance, show any picture of her to any Mexican person that you meet in the street and ask what do you think of her. Take this same person to the museum where she is lodged, and once again, ask him the same question. Now, do the same with an image of the virgin of Guadalupe ... take this same person to the basilica in Mexico City. Which of these two is considered art [and we do not mean which REPRODUCTION of these two is considered art]. And if they are both art: what of their value. How much do you think Coatlicue costs? How much do you think that la Virgen de Guadalupe costs?


Also, ask these questions: are they both religious icons? And if not so, how did they lose their spirituality? And if so, what of their spiritual values?


All of us who have gone to the Museum of anthropology in Mexico City, and have stood in front of Coatlicue, have felt something like this: You do not belong here. You belong out there, inside your own temple. We also say: you are beautiful yet frightening.


However, we also see in the pamphlet: now on display! Display here means the same as Now having a market value. And everything in the museum has a price tag. However, this wealth does not belong to the true owners ... the true artists, but to the invaders and foreigners.


"Coatlicue: an Aztec earth goddess found in ...."


Each sentence becomes an argument which has nothing to do with the fact that Coatlicue is a religious, sacred being .... or represents such. A sacred monument that belongs inside a church or a temple but never in a museum.


Some however will say: but the Aztecs died a long time ago ... and they died along with her. This is not so. The Aztecs still exists. Thus, there is no justification as to why Coatlicue and all of our religious icons (and the bones of our ancestors) should forever remain in museums.


You cannot forever deny our existence!

"But you cannot go back in time!"

"But today's Indians are not the same as yesterday's Indians!"

"But all Indians are dead!"

"But there are no True Aztecs left!"


We say:

Coatlicue exists!

And we exist along with her!


To be ignorant is not the same as wanting to remain ignorant.


The issue is not between us wanting to go back in time: but how you view us and how we view the world.


The issue here is not whether we are dead or not, but whether the Mexican past belongs to us. And we say yes it does! And today we reclaim such past.


When you decided to put Coatlicue in a museum, you decided to take away her sacredness ... to take away our past. Today we say this has gone enough. We want her back. We want what belongs to us.


And the fact that we cannot go back in time, does not mean that we cannot change the future. Your form of government is an illusion: it only works for you. Your education too is useless: it only works for you. You who were once poor and without a home .... you who were once illiterate and of the lowest caste back in Spain and in Europe... look how rich you have become. And look at our poverty.


We, therefore, seek to give a new meaning to our past, and write the future. We seek to re-invent ourselves from a beaten people to victorious leaders of humanity! This is our Time!

This is Our Awakening!!

Lucio Cabañas/ Nahua/Maya Number system

Lucio Cabañas

¡De nican para tech quixtizque xtopa tech mictizque!
De aquí para poder sacarnos, primero tendrán que matarnos!



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