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Why must Mexicans lift weights and learn boxing

Those who fight along side us know that our enemies come in different shapes and sizes: but the majority of these pigs are fat-obese Cyclopes-looking mammals!  Thus, it is important then that our followers should be physically fit and mentally fit to meet any challenge. 

By tradition and by blood, we come from a warrior society.  To have survived this far means that our genes are the strongest and fittest and that we are the most powerful of our stock. 
Mexican, you are a natural born fighter.  Lo! Mexicans are the best boxers in the world.  Why?  Because it is in our Blood, it has to do with our Lands.  

Start training for the coming struggle. 

Our enemies are many and we are few.  But who cares, as my brother is fond of saying: Somos Pocos Pero Locos!  So how to start?

First, get some muscle in your legs, in your hands and arms and back.  Exercise your lungs and heart: run, ride your bike to work, swim, hike, etc.  Also, learn some self-defense techniques.  My favorite sport is boxing.  Boxing offers the above exercises plus self-defense.  That is why I believe that Boxing is the best sport ever.  Join a boxing gym: if you are Mexican you will know where to find them.  Watch Boxing matches and learn from the Best Fighters in the World: The Mexican Boxer.  Get a punching bag and put it to use.  If you do not have money: make yourself one: get some sand and just put it in a bag.  Weights too are easy to make.  Get some cement ... put it in metal buckets attached to a metal bar and there you have it.  Need someone to practice?  Get your little brother or sister or friend. 

It does not cost you a penny to run a few minutes each day.  If you hate running, take a sport such as soccer or tennis that will force you to run and have fun at the same time.  Also, do not forget to rope-skip.  Do you need to buy an expensive leather rope to skip?  No!  But if you must know, rope skipping is one of the best forms of exercise that you can practice.   That is why you always see boxers skipping rope.
If you are rich and have the money to waste, then get yourself a trainer ... buy yourself the best equipment, whatever.  Just get yourself fit. 

But what if it is raining?  Exercise.  But what if it is too hot?  Exercise.  But what if it is too windy?  Exercise.  Never give up any fight.  As long as you have any breath in your lungs: continue fighting!  This is the foundation of any warrior society.  Fight till the end

Build up body power, then (but also do not forget to build Mind-Power!).  We are not asking for tone-up bodies or body-builders.  We are also not saying that you should imitate body builders!  No! (Say no to steroids.)  What we are saying is that you should do some push-ups, and some weights, some rope-skipping, running and jogging, and learn the basics of boxing.  Get yourself fit!

Also, try to think of a different diet than fast food or junk food and coca-cola drinks.  Don't forget to buy some Vitamin C and eat lots of fruits and vegetables to fight off colds or the flu or other viruses. 

If you listen to us, you will change from a slob to someone who is proud and determined and a powerful opponent for White Supremacists and their filth.

Mexicans, it is time to prepare for the coming war. 

Lucio Cabañas/ Nahua/Maya Number system

Lucio Cabañas

¡De nican para tech quixtizque xtopa tech mictizque!
De aquí para poder sacarnos, primero tendrán que matarnos!



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