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Night Moves

Are the Mexican-Jaguars activist?  This is another question that we have been asked lately.  Our answer is what do you mean by activist?    Here, at the Mexican-Jaguars, we advocate secrecy and deception against our enemies.  



The main reason for this is the fact that each year the government puts new laws against us (by us we mean Mexicans, Amerindians, and the non-European living in the United States of America). 



We cannot afford to be arrested or go to prison.  Thus we are limited to propaganda activities which includes literature, the education of our people, the gathering of information, the befriending of new allies, and when necessary public demonstration and confrontation for our people and against our enemies. 



We also understand that at this time in history any action against the government will put us in the "terrorist" list and all that entails. 



Once we are put in the list, the Cause will be stopped and in time we too will fall victim to government agencies.  One of our purpose is to make a real difference in the mind and hearts of our people: especially the young.  But this will never happen if all of us are put in prison.  Thus, the need of deception and secrecy. 



We are against parrots that scream and shout and want to appear as saviors of our people in T.V. news and or radio.  You want to know our names?  Our names start with No One.  This is also one of the main reasons why when demonstrating, we do it under disguise.  We are Proud of who we are, but this does not mean that we are Stupid.  We know that our enemies are out there waiting for a moment of weakness on our part.  Fuck them. 




But are the Mexican-Jaguars activists? 



If by activist you mean the disruption of the plans of our enemies ... then yes we are just that.  If by activist you mean the opposition of those who hate us ... then yes we are just that.  We hate those who hate us!   However, the way we oppose our enemies differ from other Indianist groups.  




The way we do things:


We prefer the One Army- One-Cell tactic.  By this we mean being secretive.  Speak to no one of our plans.  Operate alone.  And if in company, make the cell as small as possible.   This is because if things go wrong: you and only you must be held responsible.  As soon as this happens, others will take your place.  If by any chance you succeed, then your name too will be eternal and we will compose “corridos” and songs for you. 



I believe in small numbers.  Four to five people can be part of a group cell.  Twelve and thirteen will be the largest.  These cells must be formed by people who are related by race and ideology.  All of them must trust each other.  If there is a reason to mistrust someone in the group, disarm the cell, get rid of him or her ... or, without his or her knowledge form a new one and make sure to deceive the enemy. 



Recruitment here is of the most important.


People will also throw threats at us ... they will try to intimidate us or even bribe us.  This is the reason why it is important that our members be complete idealist, true and loyal to our Cause.  No one can break them ... nothing can buy them! 



Our recruitment ground should be schools and everywhere where Mexican-Nationalist-Indianist gather. 



Also, we believe that our people should train in the art of espionage and infiltration.  That is, our people should infiltrate enemy organization or set up an enemy organization as a "front."  Why?  We need to know what type of action our enemies are planning against us.  Also, this will give us the opportunity to spread our message indirectly to them. 



Those who infiltrate should be of the true ideologist that we have among our ranks: people who have nothing to compromise and who cannot be bought. 



The purpose of infiltration is to Use and Abuse such enemy organizations, and to gather intelligence and to promote our own ends.  



 Our main purpose then is to spread our Cause and disrupt the plans of our Enemies.  



We do this by educating our young people. 



Also, many of us use our specialized knowledge to assist those of our people who are in need. 



We also tell people that when they have their Group-Cell: to always keep silent and be quite and to listen; to move and live with the shadows sort of speak. 



We also tell them that there are many way to disrupt and break T.V. and radio transmissions, for example.  That there are many ways to let our enemies understand that we will not be moved ... that we will not be intimidated ... that we cannot be bought! 



Our purpose, then, has always been simple: to show our people a different way of life.   A different life-style: that of our ancestors.  We do this either directly or indirectly.  We, at the Mexican-Jaguars make sure that our people's literature and wisdom be available to our people free of charge.  We work with others for this same goal ... even though others prefer to work with different terms. 




Our enemies will die one day and we will continue living. 

It is our destiny. 

In the end, we will be triumphant!  



Victory to our awakening!! 

Lucio Cabañas/ Nahua/Maya Number system

Lucio Cabañas

¡De nican para tech quixtizque xtopa tech mictizque!
De aquí para poder sacarnos, primero tendrán que matarnos!



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