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Acts of Judas!

Go anywhere in the United States, even to public parks or drive in any freeway, and you can bet whatever you have that someone is watching you. There is also something called the "eye in the sky", huge governmental telescopes up in space that have the capacity of seeing you take a piss outside your lawn. Video cameras are everywhere, even on cell phones. Supposedly these cameras were put there to stop crime. However, crime still continues to exist regardless of these devices.


We are living in time of paranoia. Video camera surveillance is part of everyday life ... and because they are everywhere, we often ignore them and continue with our lives. But who is watching whom? First, the police and state is watching us; second, the rich is watching the poor. But like anything else in this world, for every color there is an anti-color.   And what of the anti-color?  I heard someone said that spray painting on them (on the cameras) or putting stickers, or breaking them with b-b guns, usually does the trick.


The State has put a lot of importance on video cameras to monitor anything from riots, to protests, and concerts. Whenever young people gather, the police will be video taping any 'crimes' (according to them) being committed; also, to take pictures of people and groups they think are a threat to the state. Thus, remember, if you going to a protest make sure that you will not be identified easily by the police or by your enemies. This is true if the state considers you a 'leader.' Sometimes the "news" people serve as spies for the police or government. Also, do not be surprised if you do not see any cameras at a protest: more than likely the police are watching you from a distance. Be careful then, and make sure that you commit no 'crime.'


The rich too is watching us. By rich I mean owners and co-owners of big companies such as Wal-Mart, Target, or restaurants such as McDonald's and so forth. The sad thing here is that these rich people too are using poor people as their 'private securities' against other poor people; supposedly to stop further vandalism and robbery against them.


So, ... If you are going after a five-finger discount, make sure that no one recognizes you. This means the use of fake mustache, Afros or wigs, even dress as a clown ... but make sure that your look is not too suspicious either. Five-finger discounts work better at night, when every body is tired and the workers want to go home. Hey, you can even dress as a Minuteman (with you American cap) and your dark glasses carrying your little American flag. Please understand, we are not saying that you should do it, but rather IF YOU ARE GOING TO DO IT. We do not need more of our young incarcerated … we prefer our young free and knowledgeable.


I know that there are ways to burn the cone of video cameras. Unfortunately, I do not know how. Someone should really look into this and write a paper on it. Why should one want to do this? Remember your traffic ticket ... and how much it cost you? Remember all those times that the police harassed you? I say why the hell not! Just remember that some (if not all Government video cameras) come with infrared lenses (which means that they can see you taking a shit in total darkness).



And what about the big flying pig?

Police helicopters carry everything: from searchlights, to computers, to heat seeking image intensifiers. Any one who has watched the T.V. program COPS knows that the helicopter crew is in constant contact with ground police officers. They also can fly across streets in seconds. The Helicopter cameras can record a face in a crowd. The pictures can also be monitored on board the helicopter or at the police station or on nearby van (or temporary police central command). This means that if you are protesting and you are under the police 'list' of personas non-gratas, the camera can isolate you, identify you, and the police on the ground can be contacted to go and get you.


If you are fleeing on a car, the on-board computer has all the information needed to find anything about you: the name that the car is registered to, the address of the owner and (if any) of his or her criminal record.


How to stop a helicopter camera? Someone told me that the use of rockets (those powerful illegal ones that you used for the fourth of July. You know which ones we are talking about) and distress flares usually do the trick. Again, we are not telling you to do this: we are just saying that a helicopter video camera can be turned off. Also, if you are fleeing from the cops on car, the odds are against you.  Just give up.  Because if you do not, the list of crimes will continue to grow as time passes. 




Since 9/11 all public demonstrations have come under strict police surveillance. Notice around you next time you are at a protest and you will see undercover officers taking notes and making a report, others taking pictures. Others are there even as protesters to gather information.


Also, do not trust the T.V. crew: these people always supply their photos and footage to the police. And if they are unwilling to do so, the courts will force them to do so. But we can also use this to our own advantage: we can use cameras when the police is arresting our comrades ... but just remember, that these same cameras can convict you....



On the so-called 'Neighborhood Watch'

The police also uses common citizens to gather information on people they consider 'criminals.' They use them by creating what is called a 'neighborhood watch' program in our communities. This program is usually run by an undercover cop, and by police officers in uniform (usually, they are created by detectives). These individual citizens become involve by gathering information for the police, and sometimes they even get involved as witnesses at courts. These include you next door neighbors, the local grocery store owner, your doctor, the mail person, the school teacher (notice when the teacher asks of your children to write about 'your family' and 'your family's friends' etc.), even your well known priest also becomes and informant to the police.... Neighborhood Watch is nothing more than your neighborhood spy or rat.


So, remember any gossip and slander in the community about a certain 'criminal' is taken seriously by the police. Including information given by Rat-traitors!


These rats are usually bribed and other times they are intimidated by the police: either you or him is usually the choice given to him. We suggest to these rats not to be afraid of the badge. Know your rights!



On the FBI and other government agencies.

If you are a protester or are involved in any kind of Movement (such as Green Peace or Save The Whales) most likely the FBI already has your photograph and your personal information. Also, know that the FBI and the CIA and Homeland Security and any other governmental agency have total access to information gathered by the police. But of course you already knew this.


But did you know that the information that the FBI has about you, it was given by you to them freely?


Say, for instance, that you are protesting the big bad Minuteman; and of course, you want your photo taken and your opinions printed in the media. Guess what? This same photo and this same article will appear in your personal file that the FBI has gathered under your name. Also, when you go and visit the website of the big bad Minutemen and voice your opinions to them, or write a letter to your congress person or senator regarding the issues such as vigilante criminals, undocumented workers, etc., these letters too will be used against you. Also, when you sign petitions such as the removal of the President ... or Save Peltier or any controversial political prisoner, all of these can be turned against you or be used as an excuse to investigate you. Political Underground Magazines: such as let us say, the Mexica-Dancer Magazine: … usually these magazines have pictures of its members, and not to mention the names of other groups whom they are affiliated. These are a great source of information to the FBI and other governmental agencies: again, given freely by the people themselves.


Here we must mention police arrests. Most of the time we do not know or understand our rights and therefore we give the right to remain silent and say things that later on come back to haunt and hunt us.


There is also illegal telephone tapping and mail tampering. It is true: if you belong to any political, let us say, anti-Bush group, most likely your phone conversations have been listened to already (illegally).


Just a reminder: every telephone conversation is recorded: the date you made that call, the time, the duration, from where it was made and to whom, to what state, country, how much it cost, and so forth. The police and any other government agency can easily get the list of the calls that you have made and also can hear such calls.


The police no longer needs to put transmitters on phones; they can do it from command centers at any time.


If you are in a movement and know that you are being tapped: why not have some fun? Plan fake events. Talk in a real low voice or create a new language (talk in codes which neither you nor your friend understands). Put annoying music such as gangster rap or satanic rock real loud (or put both at the same time). But just remember, even though this sounds like fun: your phone call is being recorded. Also, whenever you are talking, put some music on the background.


We suggest not using a phone in important matters. And what about cell phones?


Cell phones are tracking devices. If you are to use a cell phone get one that is not registered to your name and keep it turned off unless you really have to use it.


Finally, political group meetings: there will always be someone who is working with the police or a government agency. If you are planning a protest or something of that nature, you will also attract people from the other side of the camp who will send their spies to gather information about you and your group. If you are a revolutionary, do not be too naive and think that because you have committed no crime that therefore this gives you the right to speak 'your mind.' If you are a Revolutionary do not give any information to the enemy. Also, remember, no matter how much the enemy pays you: your people will pay you triple as much. And don't forget: either you or your friends’ types of threats are just that threats. Do not be afraid. Always think of your people. Always think of your friends.


Create a strong bond between you and your friends. Thus, if an infiltrator enters the group, it will be easy to point him or her out.


We, at the Mexican-Jaguars advocate groups without leaders and with no structure. To do things legally ... but when necessary to go directly to the problem. Our friends are our friends and we will never give out their names or addresses or telephone numbers to our enemies. This is to be considered an act of treason.  An act of Evil!  Acts of Judas!

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