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My name is Teo but white people call me Tio. 
I am housed at the North SHU number so and so.... 
 I have been requesting to use the phone so I can call my family and loved ones who are probably worried sick about me.  They do not know where I am at. 
Each time I ask to use the phone they tell me that I need to file and sign some legal papers.
This has been the worst experience of my life.  These people truly hate immigrants.  You can see this hate in their eyes and feel it in their words.  You can also see it by how they play and finger their guns.  I can only imagine what they are thinking.
So, they call this place a DETENTION CENTER.  Detention Center my nuts:  this is State Prison.
I arrived here in December at about 3 a.m.  We have been denied a shower for three days.  First, we were kept locked up at a federal building:  it was so overcrowded that there was no where to sleep.  The room that they put us in was very cold.  They kept us awake all night and all day.  We were given no mattress ... nothing.  So we had to lie down in the cold cement or in the steel benches.   
They kept us waiting.
Then at 1 a.m. we were told to get ready because they were going to transfer us to another Federal Building.  All of us are hungry ...  cold ... and some of us are even afraid.
On friday like around 7 a.m. I am called to be interviewed by a nigger with a nasty attitude.  She told me that she was going to read me a paper and that afterwards I must sign it.   After reading the legal paper to me she asked me If I understood my rights and I said NO.  Then she said that I must sign it anyway.  I asked her if I could read the legal paper myself and she said NO.  Then she asked me if I wanted to fight my case or go HOME tomorrow.  When she said HOME she winked at me and gave me a smile.  I liked that.    I told her that the time will come when even her will be sent HOME  ...  however, her home will not be AFRICA but HELL and I too winked at her and gave her what I believe is a beautiful smile of mine. 
She called a stupid gorilla guard and he took me into a small dark room.  At least I was by myself.  But silence is a form of violence that these people use quite often.  And this is the whole point of all this bullshit:  they want to break your spirit to resist.  
Also, keeping you in a legal black hole is another form of torture: that is, giving you hope when there is none.
Once you are caught by ICE your rights as a legal resident or as a resident of this world is none.  Think about this:  I, as a legal resident have rights and priviledges given to me by the U.S. constitution and its bill of rights.  But now I know that such document is a bunch of cow shit that does not mean anything.  The right for a hearing and to see a judge is nothing but a mockery. 
I have met people here who have been fighting their cases for over two years and more than likely they are going to be deported.  What a joke. 
The American Government knows that these types of procedures are illegal.  students of American Politics in the near future will study these procedures and will find the many injustices that I am outlining here.  But the U.S. government will defend itself by saying that at least they gave the illegal immigrants a right to a hearing. 
After the little incident with the nigress, they called my name, handcuffed me and put me in a Van with other immigrants and take us for a ride.  Yes, just for a ride.  It was like around midnight.  We went from one city to another.  The Mexican people began singing their songs and laughing at the whole idea of been taken for a ride and so i join them too. 
We return to the same federal building.  The fucking peckerwood officers are mad because we were singing. 
It is saturday: three days without a shower...  most of us have not slept for two days.  Finally my body gives up and without knowing I fall asleep.
At this time rumors start spreading that we are going to be sent to Arizona. Arizona?  We ask the ICE deputies if this was so and they told us that they themselves did not know but will let us know as soon as they know ...  a.s.a.p.  
Again, around 6 p.m. we are told to get ready to be transferred.  40 people are put in two tiny mini-Vans.  They take us to another county and put us in a little room with other 60 people who have been waiting there for three hours. 
Imagine 100 grown men in a small tiny room with one single toilet.  100 grown men who have not showered for three days.  Hate! 
Rounding us like animals!  Chaining us like animals!   Feeding us like animals!  Pure hate.
Once again, imagine not showering ... using the same socks or no socks at all:  imagine the body odor, ugh! the stench!
I can understand that little chunky Chicana officer putting hand lotion each ten minutes. 
They kept us in this tiny room for hours and hours and hours.  Around 11 p.m. again they tell us to get ready to be transferred.  They put chains in our feet and hands.  We are put in a bus and are told that the trip will take an hour and 45 minutes. 
We arrived at an airport and there we wait for further notice.  All of us are tired.  All of us are cold.   All of us are frustrated.  And instead of putting out our frustration against those who are torturing us, we unleashed it against ourselves.  A little riot almost erupts as we wait to be transferred to a jet plane.   Politics .... jail politics:  Mexicans versus Central Americans.
I was seated next to a Salvadoran who told me that he was married to a Mexican and that he has been to my state.  We became good friends.  Then a stupid moron calls the Mexicans to get ready, and I said to him to shut the fuck up that there are no politics here.  And that if he wants to fight he should handle his own business... by himself.   He told me that he was going to speak to me in private.  I told him that what I hate most are stupid bitches who can´t handle their own business.
When things were going to get crazy, a deputy comes and told us to line up.  We are lined up in the freezing cold.   We are chained and thus it is difficult to climb the stairs of the jet.  Once inside the jet, we are seated in these tiny seats.   Imagine a jet with more than a 100 people.
All of us thought that at least we were going to be given a snack or two.  Nothing.  A lot of people wanted to use the toilet.  Not today.  This ugly Filipina hobit flirts with these horny old white men.  SLUT!
This tiny Filipina tells this super fine Chicana:  We have a lot of stinkers today.  And here we go again with the hand lotion. 
What is worst I tell myself:  the hate coming from someone who is not like you or the hate coming from someone who looks like you.
How can so many of our race work for the enemy?
We arrive in fucking Desert Arizona and again we are told to wait.  We are transferred to a bus and again we wait.  We stop at the first Detention Center and drop the Central Americans.  The rest of us are told to wait inside the bus. 
Imagine chained hands and feet and seated in this tiny seat next to a big fat ass.  I have not slept all night.  I am tired and I am hungry.  Also, this faggot wants to speak to me in private. 
The bust take us to what they term a Holding Center.
They told us that we will have to wait there for three hours.
As soon as we arrived there we throw ourselves at the floor and find a place to sleep.   It is very cold.
And as soon as the shoes went off, the stench!
The unbearable becomes the bearable.  There are no choices here.  Or we just did not cared.  All of us were too tired to care.  And all of us forgot about the little incident with the Central Americans.
At 8 a.m. we are transferred to another holding cell with mongols who act and dress like niggers.  There were some Norteños and Sureños there and all of us were alerted for a possible fight. 
Finally, they take us to this DETENTION CENTER and put us in a small, cold room. 
The Norteños are put somewhere else.  And we wait.  They feed us food that they know will make us shit.   I love their sense of humor.  I don´t eat even though I am very hungry.  I give my plate to this fat man who doesn´t care and eats it up like a pig.  Yes, I too, have a sense of humor.  Minutes later the shitting begins.  The insanity.
Again with the jail politics.  A gang coordinator calls my name and puts me in a small private room.  He tells me to wait there.  He comes back and asks me what gang I am from and I told him that I was a MEXICAN-JAGUAR.  He looks it up in his little book and he writes it down. 
He asks me what each tattoo in my body means.  And whether or not I have a rank with LA MANO. 
I explained to him the significance and the name of each tattoo and the significance and translation of the word TEOTECUANI or god-jaguar.
He also showed me some of his tatts. and told me that he was part of an Aztec Dance Circle.    He tells me of all the gang and jail politics that goes on in an Immigration Detention Center.
He gives me the Aztec Dancers hand shake and wishes me good luck.  I told him thank you and that since we were brothers, I asked him if he could take me to the nearest Grey Hound station so I can go back home to my family.  He laughs.  He says, sorry bro. but I can do something else for you ... some really good food and I can take you to the showers.  And I said, fuck yeah.   
They gave us either a green, brown, or blue uniform.  Later I was given an orange suit.  Green are level one and two.  Brown are level three and blues are level four.  Orange are for people who are housed in the SHU (Security Housing Unit).
As soon as I step in the dorm, who would have known it, a riot erupts between the Asians and the Niggers.   Fucking nipps slashed some niggers really good.  The Mexican Rep. told me to remain calm and to stay out because this was not our fight. 
Finally the niggers and the nipps are taken out of the dorm and only the Mexicans and Whites remain (Argentinians, Russians, Serbs, Italians, Poles, etc. etc.)
So, I begin asking the Correctional Officers if I can use the phone.  They told me to file a paper so that they can give me a PIN number.  I waited a whole week and my PIN number has not been activated.  I asked them again and they said that my paper got lost somewhere and that therefore I musr refile the same paper as before. 
I showed him the ICE detainee handbook and read to him where it states that each detainee has the right to use the phone and has the right to use the library and not to mention the computer with internet access.    I also told him that since my arrival I have yet to speak with a Deportation Officer and that I do not know the time and date for my first hearing.    That I have been at this center seven days and that my family does not know where am at. 
This white monkey calls me a name and I thus bitch slap his mother fucking Polish ass.  All these apes come rushing in and pepper spray me and finally bring me down and handcuffed me:
They transfer me to another holding facility called the SHU.  They gave me an Orange suit. 
Here at the SHU you find a lot of suicidals.  They have never been in jail before and this is a shock to their psyche.  For the first time in their lives they are alone.  They are away from family and friends. 
A fat nigger comes to my cell and tells me my rights.  Bla bla bla bla bla bla. 
I told him that I don´t give a fuck anymore.  That all I wanted was to use the fucking phone so that I could call my family. 
I do not kno when this nightmare will end. 
Two years in prison for a resident card, is it worth it?  For some it is.  But not for me.  Freedom, I have come to understand, is priceless. 
I am alone here.  My family is in another state.  I have no moral support.  There is too much bullshit going on in here.  This is State Prison and not a DETENTION CENTER.  I would rather call it a PLACE TO WASTE YOUR TIME or READING PROGRAM CENTER:  sounds more clean than DETENTION CENTER. 
Ask and thou shall Receive:  it took me so many days of constant bothering and a bitch slap to an ICE Officer to finally get my request.
May our warriors never forget what these pigs are doing to us and may we do to them seven times as worst and may we never show compassion and mercy to them. 

Lucio Cabañas/ Nahua/Maya Number system

Lucio Cabañas

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