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What do whites think of us?

What do whites think of us?

They do not recognize us.  They do not see our worth as human persons: as citizens of this country, as citizens of this world. 

And what do we think of them?

As slave traders and pirates.  As serial killers and mass murderers; as Jewish and Christian hypocrites; as corruptors of the youth and destroyers of the old: as culture vultures; as barbarians and vandals.  As monstrous human beings; as germ carriers and parasites; as superior to us only in destruction and devastation and death, but otherwise morally inferior to us!  We think of them as tyrants and dictators. 

As fornicators. 
As liars.
As cowards without principles or honor.
As greedy and obese bastards.
As vulgar people without manners. 

As sentimental homosexuals.
As lazy and dishonest. 
As idiots whose main pride is their white skin. 
So what? 
Lepers have white skin! 
Albinos have white skin! 
Rats and Lice are white too! 

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Lucio Cabañas

¡De nican para tech quixtizque xtopa tech mictizque!
De aquí para poder sacarnos, primero tendrán que matarnos!



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