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Several organizations are planning a joint protest at the Mexican Consulate in Sacramento, CA.
If you would like to attend or know anyone who would, please encourage them to read this information and pass it on far & wide:
Saturday, November 4th, 2006, 11:30am - ?
Mexican Consulate
1010 8th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
Corner of 8th Street and J Street in downtown Sacramento
(Use the Downtown Plaza to park your vehicle, this is about 2 blocks from the Consulate and is safer & cheaper than parking on the street under a meter).

This is the last Saturday before the California general elections so it's critical that we show in numbers and make our voices heard.

All persons opposed to Neo-Nazis and the KKK are welcome to attend. We will have signs & flags available for you, but you are welcome to bring your own.
If you plan to attend, please keep the following precautions in mind:
1. Wear protective eye gear such as sunglasses and a hat.
2. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes (such as running shoes or boots).
3. Wear sun block and bring water.
4. There is a 17% chance of rain that day. You may want to bring a raincoat or umbrella.
5. Bring a picture ID, but don't bring your entire purse or other items of value that could be damaged or lost.
6. Non-felons are allowed to carry legal chemical (pepper) sprays. Do not bring any other weapons.
We hope to avoid any conflicts with the Neo-Nazis and the KKK, but there is always a chance they will become violent and try provoke a fight. Please keep this in mind if you are considering attending or bringing children with you.
Mexican Soldiers: NEEDED!

Lucio Cabañas/ Nahua/Maya Number system

Lucio Cabañas

¡De nican para tech quixtizque xtopa tech mictizque!
De aquí para poder sacarnos, primero tendrán que matarnos!



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