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Notes from Hell

Who is your friend?

Those who smile at you and say only good things about you?  Are these
your friends? 

Here is someone who extends his hands, smiles and makes himself weak or
vulnerable to you so you can open yourself up to him.  You open the
doors to your house.  He comes in and gathers as much information about
you and your family.  He calls himself a friend...your friend.  But who
is your friend?

Criminals are not stupid.  Criminals are criminals.  And in order to
defeat a criminal, you must think like a criminal.  Criminals must be
taken seriously. 

Criminals will always say good things about you.  Make you feel
comfortable.  Make you feel relaxed.  And when you at least expect it, he
stabs you in the back. 

Once you know that your friend is not your friend but is your enemy, do
not believe him or her...  everything that he says are lies with a
little bit of truth in them.  You cannot make a deal with the devil and
think that he will keep his word. 

Use the legal system in your favor.  Use criminals in your favor.  What
a criminal can do, you can do better.

To hell with these types of friends and their kind. 



If you see oppression of the poor and denial of justice and
righteousness in the province, do not be shocked at the sight; for one official
watches over another official, and there are higher officials over them.
Ecclesiastics. 5:8

Use the legal system in your favor.  Make legal demands even if
they are illegal.

Incite others to fight your fights.

Make demands.  Speak with authority. 

In any legal case, promises and the word of mouth carry no power.  The
written word, however, carries power.  Make sure that everything is in
writing and keep these records for future evidence.

When making a legal demand, remember to always be polite and
respectful...even to your worst enemy. 

Take the necessary procedures to secure your safety and the safety of
your race. 

Be calm and plan always ahead.

Your enemies can easily be manipulated.  You just have to find a

Put complaints after complaints against a person or a rule. 

Question: What will you do if your enemy is planning to attack you at a
certain place on a certain date? 

Answer: Just do not show up!  If you do decide to show up, show up
prepared.  With allies.  With weapons. 

Do anything possible to get the monkeys off your back.

The legal system only listens to legal issues, but remember, anything
can become a legal issue if you make it a legal issue.

The legal system just like criminals use threats, intimidation, and
violence to get what they want.  So be prepared.

The legal system does not care whether you are innocent or not.  All it
cares is that it is making money.  Each day you go to court, each day
you sleep in jail, money, money, and more money that the State will

So what if you die in jail.  No one will remember you.  Another suicide
victim.  Another criminal murdered by other criminals.  No one cares.
The only people who do care are your family and true friends. 

The legal system only listens to money and to groups that are well
organized and know the law.  Unite!  Hit the legal books! 

Remember that life is precious.  Fight then for your life.  Fight for
those you love.  Do not be afraid.  God is with you. 

Use the legal system against your enemies.  Remember, what they can do,
you can do better. 

Your enemies will put someone you can trust or who will win your trust
and use him as a spy. 



Can you con the con-artist?  Yes you can.

Once you are caught in the legal system, you must use it and abuse it
in your favor.  Make complaints.  Learn how to write legal motions.  Get
in touch with legal organizations and ask for help. 

Once you are caught in the web of the legal system, things move fast
and if you do not move fast you will get knocked down.  You will be
treated like an animal.  You will be humiliated like an animal.

The legal system hates complaints; and they hate doing paperwork.  They
love that damn red tape. 

So, if this is what they hate, then, this is what you must do.  Write
complaint forms after complaint form, write to civil rights groups and
get them involved, write motions, write to police internal affairs, etc.

Lie if you must.  Make up things if you must.  You are innocent until
proven guilty or decide to take a deal.  Otherwise, you are not yet a
criminal.  You are not the aggressor --- they are.  They want to take
away your life and freedom. 

If someone in power does not agree with you, write him up or put a
complaint against him. 

Twist things around.  Manipulate the enemy.  Even if you were at fault,
make everybody believe that this is not true. 

Start rumors.  Spread rumors against your enemies. 

Use your enemy to accomplish your goal.  Take legal action against your
enemy.  Against these thugs.

No one cares about you unless you start caring about yourself first.
  No one will respect you unless you respect yourself first.  Love

Do not make yourself into a scapegoat.  Do not allow others to make you
into a scapegoat.

Innocence is a matter of perception.  There shouldn´t be a scapegoat.



Your enemy is your enemy.  Get to him before he gets to you. 

Stage a protest and when your enemies arrive to investigate or to
counter-protest: attack! 

If your allies refuse to fight alongside you, then he no longer is an
ally but is now your enemy.  If he refuses to fight with you, then he is
fighting against you. 

Accomplish your mission at all cost.

In jail, when they want to kill someone, convicts usually stage a fight
or a riot.  All eyes, all cameras are on the fight.  All cells are
open.  When the pigs think that they have everything under control, they
find a bloody body somewhere in the bathroom, far away from the actual
fight.  Then the scream is heard: MAN DOWN.  MAN DOWN.  MAN DOWN.  LOCK

Who did it?  No one knows.  And no one will tell.  Someone just got
away with murder. 

So, when you are fighting your wars, prepare.

If your war is a legal war, make it as plain as possible and also put
everything in writing. 

Know the intentions of your enemies. 

Your enemies are loudmouths who sooner or later will open their big
monkey mouths and will let you know of their plans.  Listen very carefully
to them.  In each joke of theirs, there is some hidden message.  In
each lie there is some truth.  Listen.  Watch.  Keep your mouth shut and
wait for the right time to strike. 

Try everything and do anything possible to accomplish your goals.
Think of a shotgun.  You do not need to aim directly, all you need to do is
to fire and at least one pellet will hit the target.  And let us hope
that this pellet will kill the target. 

Slander your enemies!! 

Also remember, that if you do not ask, you will not get. 

If you are timid and say nothing, others will speak for you, and
criminals will take advantage of your humility and of your timidity and
goodness.  They will con you and make it seen as though they are doing you a
favor in speaking on your behalf and taking and spending your money.

Also know that a criminal can be both a bully and a criminal.
 Criminals are like rattle snakes... they usually warn you.  But they warn you
because they, too, are afraid.  Always think ahead.  Know your enemy.
 Know your power.  Pay attention to your surroundings.



Why are you in jail?  Because it is believed that you have committed a

But you are innocent until proven guilty.  This is a lie.  Once you are
handcuffed and put in a patrol car, you are guilty until proven

Once in jail, why are you housed with career criminals?  Why are you
housed with other races, races who hate you such as Neo-Nazis and
Negroids?  Why are you put in dorms? 

The answer to all these questions is simple: the rookie deputies must
have their practice.  They must learn the proper procedures to
pepper-spray you.  The proper procedures to legally beat you and assault you.
 The proper way to rob you of your belongings such as books,
store(commissary?), and legal work.  The proper way to take away the program  and blame you so that other inmates can later beat you up (so that they can
regulate you, as they call it). 

But what of this program?  What is this program that inmates as well as
pigs are always yelling about?  Do you want to lose the program?

The program are gifts that the pigs give to you but always take away
from you.  The gifts are given with the intention that they will start a
fight or a riot.  These gifts include a plasma T.V., a soda machine, a
candy machine, store, telephone use, visiting, and so forth.  

Your bed is not properly done.  No Program for today.  Regulation time.
Extra blankets.  No Program for today.  Even though it is cold as a
mother fucker. Regulation time.   

Pigs always love to remind you: Remember where you are.  This is not
a Hotel.  This is Jail and not your house.  Here you shower when we
tell you to shower.  You use the phone when we tell you to use the phone.
 You shit when and where we tell you to take a shit. You will go the
Yard when we tell you it is time to go.  This Yard is surrounded by
electric wired fences ... just in case you try to escape. 

These pigs, too, know that there is an inborn hate between niggers and
whites, whites and brown people.  Yet, they still house you together
with these monkeys.  And the result, --race riots.  Race riots happen more
often than you may think.  You just do not know because the media does
not follow each one of them.  Only the big ones. 

When you go to the visiting room, they record every word you say.  You
cannot touch or hold the hands or kiss your beloved ones.  You can only
see them through a cold window.  You cannot even hear them when they
speak to you through the window.  You communicate through hand signals
and become an accurate lip reader. 

When you call your loved ones over the phone, they also record every
word you say and sometimes they use these recordings against you. 
They read the mail that you receive.

You have no privacy.

You are just a body ... another number. 

You eat what they give you or you go hungry.  If you have money you buy
your own food at a very expensive price.  Sometimes the pigs or other
inmates spit at your food.  And guess what, you will have to eat it.

  This is jail.  They love to remind you of this fact.  Fucking pigs. 


Do not trust anyone who is not of your race.
Do not trust those of your race who hate their skin color.
I give you a new rule: If someone takes out one of your eyes, cut off
his hands before he can take out the other eye. 
It is time that we start fighting back!

Do you want to know anything about your enemy?  Go to the women.  Women
love to talk.  And they usually know everything.  Go to the women your
enemy is friends with.  Give them drugs, gifts and money and you will
find out everything and anything about your enemy.  Where he lives.
  Where he works.  Where he goes to school.  What time he wakes up or goes
to sleep, etc. etc. 

Be careful, then, in who you tell your secrets to.  Who can you trust?
  Trust No Bitch!!  That´s for sure. 

No one knows who you are and where you come from, only you know.  Lie
if you must.  Remember that some things are better if they remain secret
or personal. 

If others start asking you a lot of personal questions, ask yourself
why is this person so interested in me?  Am I really that interesting?
  Is he a gay bastard?

Remember, too, that it is not o.k. for others to know about you but
that it is o.k. for you to know your enemy.  


Before any Red Pride or Brown Pride there should be Red Love or Brown

Love for one self. 

Love for the Race. 

Our problem as a people is not lack of pride but lack of Love.  We do
have pride but we do not have love for one self and for our race.  Look
at all those monuments, parks, street names, murals, songs, poems,
books, etc, etc, dedicated to Brown Pride or Red Pride.  Look at our
calendars, festivals, dances, traditions...We have retained our ancient
pride, however, we do not have love.

Just look at alcohol, diabetes, drug addiction, jails, and so forth,
look at how these things are killing us. 

Alas, what will our future generations say about us?  That we failed
 them. That we did not love them.  That we did not love ourselves.  That
we taught them to have pride but not love.  But what kind of pride are
we teaching our kids? 

My family, for example, taught me that to be proud does not mean to be
arrogant.  To be proud, in my family, does not mean that I must
humiliate the poor and bow down to the rich.  To be proud is to be human.
  After all, we all are going to die ... are we not?  We are all going to
end up in the same place: the grave (have to love their sense of humor).
  So, instead of pride we were told to be humble:  To treat the poor
with respect and honor.  To love our elderly people and help them in any
way we can.  To bow our heads to no Man but only to the sacred.  And
the worst thing was to BEG. To be Proud, then, for my family meant that
you were no BEGGAR.   But look at our children, begging for candy.
  What, don´t they have a family? 

All there is in this life is FAMILY and TRUE FRIENDS. 

Everything begins with the family:
This is the most important of all the above: LOVE.

Love for the ancestors.
Love for our parents and grandparents.
Love for our children.
Love for ourselves. 
Love for those who have our skin color.
It is this Love that is the reason why we must continue in the fight. 
It is this type of love that we must teach our children. 


In HELL you do not ask, what are you going to do tomorrow.  The answer is always the same.  You will do the same thing that you did yesterday and are doing today.

And what are you going to eat?  Or what are you going to wear?  Or at what time are you going to take a shower?  All of these questions make no sense in HELL.

The questions that one should be asking is, what keeps me from going insane?  What keeps me from killing this fucking pig?  What keeps me from killing myself?

The answers are, Love, your family and true friends.  Love for your girlfriend or wife.  Their voices and their jokes.  It is their prayers.  It is the idea that one day you will be released from this place.  It is GOD.  For only God can give you the endurance, courage, and faith that you need to survive in here day after day after day.   Faith that says that your friends will remain your friends no matter what.  And that your wife or girlfriend will be there waiting for you when you come out with a nice warm hug and kisses.  Faith that says that God will always protect you ... that God will keep you mentally and physically fit. 



Another rule to live by:

Give up only when God tells you that it is time to give up.  Give up only when you have exhausted the last drop of energy in your body.  Give up only when it is necessary to do so.  Otherwise, fight!  Fight!  Fight!



Why is it that Negroids can get away with so much shit in hell?  Because as oppressors and aggressors they are on equal terms with the pigs. 

However, as citizens of this world, they see themselves as VICTIMS OF RACISM.  Victims of aggression.  Victims.  Victims.  Victims.  So, they complaint.  They shout.  They yell.  Poor ugly monkeys. 



Who is brave?  Only fools are brave.  For example, if you know that somebody is waiting for you down the corner with a knife, only a fool will show up.

Being smart, then, and being brave are two different things. 

Going against the odds is a brave thing to do.  Going against the odds is also foolish.  If you are going to fight, why not also win.  Why not just wait for the right time.  After all, there is a time for everything under the sun.  



Why do some criminals get away with murder while others rot in hell for life for stealing an IPod?  Because they hired the best lawyers while the other got a public defender or worst yet, he went PROPER. 



What is your three digit number? 

Walk inside the red light.

Chow time. 

Hell is not a laughing matter.  Here even the career criminal cries. 

In HELL you think a lot about your family.  You worry about their health and their safety.  In hell you also think of your enemies.  Enemies that are outside and the enemies that are inside hell.  You also worry about stupid things such as, is she going through with the divorce?  Is she going to ask for full custody of the child? That fucking bitch!! 

Inside hell you also worry about those stupid perverts who will bullshit you day by day with the same goddamn boring stories of their pitiful love life. 

Then there are the bullies who will threaten you with breaking your neck if you do not give them what they want.  Usually food.   FEED ME!!  FEED ME!!  Bullies are usually fat asses who are always hungry. 

There are also the Negroes who as usual are loud mouths and obnoxious and dirty and who will usually get on your fucking nerves. 

There are also those fucking vampires who stay awake all night and sleep all day.  These freaks will ask you to be quiet during the day.  And if you are not quiet, you will have some problems in your hands.

Then there are the paranoids, the psychos, the Schizo, the psy-meds. takers ... those mother fuckers who hear voices. 

You also have your Jesus freaks.

Your problem children or your J-cats ... the loose balls. 

Things can go from too goddamn calm to a complete riot in a matter of seconds for the smallest reason imaginable. 

People fight in hell for stupid shit.  Most of the stress and agitation that goes on inside hell are started by the pigs.  These pig ciminals think like predators and act like predators.  They attack anything that is weak and stay away from the strong.   You are nothing to these criminals just another BODY and another NUMBER. 




When will I go home?  When will I get out of this hole?  Will I ever get out?  When?  When? 


Another day goes by.  Another day.  And another one and another one and another one.  Seconds.  Minutes. Hours.   Days.  Weeks.  Months.  Years.  Your birthday is here and so is the birthday of your daughter.  Christmas is here.  One bullshit after another after another.  People are sentenced.  People are moved.  People are transferred.  People are released.  These same bastards come back again for the same bullshit. 

One strike.  Two strikes.  Fear in the eyes.  Regrets.  Tears.  Cries.  And more tears.  What if.  What if they give me LIFE. 

You learn to read here.  You learn how to do TIME.  For there is always an AND YET.  Or, what about?  You become your worst accuser ...  your worst enemy.  Will there be a future waiting for me? 

Then there are those dangerous moments that everyone in HELL must face.  The question is, will these dangerous moments kill your spirituality or make it stronger?  You learn how to survive.  You have no choice.  You learn how to adapt.  You will learn your place. 



Lucio Cabañas/ Nahua/Maya Number system

Lucio Cabañas

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